Blinders [Artist]

Blinders is a guy who rose to fame off of his remix for Axwell, which has racked up over half a million plays. So I shot him some questions about how he want about making it, as well as some production questions in general.

Production Tools & Techniques

Can you tell me what DAW you typically use for making music? Have you ever used different ones?

It’s FL Studio 11, but sometimes I try to use Ableton and Logic as well.

As someone who probably uses a lot of samples for his music, can you tell me how you go about organizing your samples folders?

I try to collect and put the best samples in a special folder. Otherwise, it would take too much time to find something on my computer.

A lot of new producers have a hard time getting their heads around compression. When do you think is a good time to reach for a compressor? Do you use it a lot?

Not too much; really seldom if it’s necessary to use. I use compression on some vocals and samples when I want to dull the attack of a sound a little bit.

Can you tell me about some of your favorite plugins for the following:

Compression: I know that, maybe it’s not the best stuff, but I use FL Studio Compressor!

EQ: It’s also one from FL Studio, called the “EQ 2″, and for me it’s amazing!

Distortion: When I want to add distortion on synths, then I produce on Sylenth, and use Sylenth’s distortion. Sometimes, I also us Fast Dist by Image Line.

Reverb: Check out the Lex Reverb; it’s huge!

Delay: I think the best for me is NastyDLA.

Track Breakdown – Center Of the Universe

What was the first thing you did when you opened up a project to start working on this remix? Do you have a set way of starting a remix?

It was the bassline! I heard it in my head when I listened to the original track. Then I tried to find some good idea for chords. But when I’m starting on a new track, it all depends on my ideas. Sometimes it can be percussion, and sometimes a lead melody. It’s always about what’s in my mind.

Did you feel the need to process the vocals in a particular way on this remix, or did you just use the stem in the same way you got it?

I asked Axwell for dry vocals, and then I decided to add my own effects on it. I did also a couple of backround vocals, such as looped “universe” word.

There are a lot of saw synth leads on this remix. What were some of the things you did to make them cut through in the mix?

I had a lot of layers on it so it was a bit tough to mix. But I mainly focused on EQ to make it perfect all together.

What synth did you turn to for the bassline, and why?

I used 3 synths. A guitar sub bass and 2 Sylenths for more of a synthetic spirit.

Did you use any master buss processing for this remix?

No, I didn’t.

What would you say were some of your most used plugins on this remix?

Sylenth Sylenth Sylenth, haha.

Haha, you certainly like your Sylenth sounds. Well, thanks for chatting with me. We’ll point people to your Facebook and Twitter pages!