JustGo Music CEO – Justin Golshir

Whether we’re fans of electronic or creators of it, we all want to find the most efficient way to keep abreast with artists and our favorite music. Sure, social media has come a long way in making it easy to stay updated with what’s going on, but the plethora of social media platforms that exist for different reasons can spread you thin in your search for the latest news as a fan, and for sharing it as an artist. Thank goodness for JustGo Music! It’s a unique social tool that’s impressed us with it’s efficiency and ease of use when it comes to connecting with both artists and fans. I was given the chance to talk with JustGo CEO and co-founder, Justin Golshir, and took the opportunity to pick his brain about his website and what he and his team are aiming for with it.

Hi Justin! For those who have never heard of JustGo, could you define what it is exactly, and tell us what it’s intended function is?

JustGo Music is an electronic music social platform. We provide a dashboard of tools for artists and DJs to help them manage their social media and grow their fanbase, and for fans we provide a kind of social music newspaper experience.

What was the main motivation for starting JustGo? Did you and your team feel that there was some kind of void to fill in the electronic music world?

I had the idea to launch JustGo Music whilst studying music production at Point Blank music college in London. I was doing music production and DJing to escape my boring corporate day job, and I realized that whilst there were all these great tools and applications out there to help you make music, there were no tools to help you promote your music and grow your fanbase. As an electronic music fan, I also found it pretty frustrating to keep up to date with all of my favorite artists, so the idea kind of snowballed into launching JustGo Music.

What kind of skills and past experiences have you, as the CEO, been able to draw from in order to launch JustGo successfully?

I have a background in investment banking so that helped with getting the business off the ground. We have a great team at JustGo Music, many of whom came from a variety of respected music and tech backgrounds, and that certainly helped shape the product into what it is today, and what it will be in the future.

We haven’t quite seen anything like JustGo out there. Do you ever worry about new services coming out to compete with what you offer?

We’re really focused on helping DJs and electronic music artists to grow their fanbase. In that respect, I think we’re in our own niche. There are of course social media management tools out there, and analytics tools, however we feel that none of them provide the kind of experience that DJs and artists need. We’re really shaping JustGo Music around what DJs and artists want, and for the last 9 months we’ve worked very closely with the music industry to build and polish the dashboard. On the fan side, we make it very easy for fans to keep up to date with their favorite artists by bringing together artist content from Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Podcasts, Beatport and iTunes into a beautiful, seamless feed. We think that’s pretty unique too.


What did it take to put such a comprehensive service together, in terms of resources and time? Was it a difficult effort?

All of the tech we built ourselves and that took a lot of resources and time to get off the ground. Every day we iterate the product based on feedback from our users and we have a big product roadmap ahead. A lot of work has gone into JustGo Music, however I wouldn’t say it was a lot of effort because all of the team love working on the product and we’re having an awesome time doing it. We have a very open-minded office culture too – that was important for us to have from Day 1. We have decks and a disco ball in our office so anyone can get up and have a mix, and we’re always out and about meeting DJs and people from the industry which makes everything very social.

I’ve seen that JustGo has quite an extensive team behind it. What did it take to put this team together? Were people willing to get on-board from the start?

I hired an agency to build the very first prototype of JustGo Music, and then I used that as a recruitment tool to hire our CTO and co-founder Alexis. We now have 11 full time members of staff, including key individuals with backgrounds in running successful music and tech projects.

What’s been your means of getting word out about JustGo? Have you had any support from major artists or organizations?

Quite a few of the world’s top DJs are using JustGo Music now, and we’ve had some great press support from blogs and music websites. Word is slowly spreading although we haven’t really done much marketing yet as we’re still in beta and polishing the product. We also did a comedy video, which people seemed to like:

What was the thought behind dividing JustGo’s services into DJ and fan sections? Unless I’m wrong, it wasn’t always so.

One of the great things about electronic music is that it relies upon a huge network of underground producers, DJs and labels. So from the very beginning, we wanted JustGo Music to be a place where DJs and artists could connect with fans. We want to build a better-connected electronic music world, and we think that means providing awesome tools for artists to help them grow their fanbases, and creating a cool music discovery experience for fans.

You’ve also developed the blog aspect of JustGo, which offers social media tips for DJs and producers. Was that part of the initial plan for JustGo? Will it be as central for you as the main website?

The JustGo Music blog came about following the hire of co-founder Terry Church. Terry has done PR and communication for some of the biggest DJs and brands in electronic music, including David Guetta, Luciano, Beatport, Eric Prydz, Adam Beyer, Sasha & Digweed, and Space Ibiza. Terry runs the blog, and on it he shares his wealth of expertise and tips on digital marketing, social media and communication, all of which ties back to JustGo Music’s artist dashboard so readers can immediately practice what they read. All artists who sign up to JustGo Music at the moment are also being offered a personal communication strategy from Terry for free, because we want to support early adopters of JustGo Music. Our PRO users love it!

The JustGo website says “beta” over it’s title. Does that mean there are more features to come? Should we expect any development after the beta stage?

Launching in beta is such a necessity these days when you’re building a tech project. Our product team is very much driven by metrics and what our users are actually using JustGo Music for, and that means we have to be flexible and constantly evolve the platform to where users want to go. We want to come out of beta in the next couple of months, however it’s hard to choose an exact date, as there’s so many features yet to come on the roadmap. It’s a very exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to show our artists and users the new features we have planned.

You recently kicked off an event called “Konnekt”, with the 2nd time meet being last week. Can you tell us about how those 2 meets went, and what your hopes were for it? Did it live up to expectations?

As I said earlier, JustGo Music is all about building a better connected electronic music world. We felt that, with all the hard work that we’re putting into building tools that help artists to grow their fanbases, why not organize an event where artists can connect face-to-face with each other, and meet other important people from the industry? Konnekt is our monthly networking event, and the first two meetups were pretty fun. We had about 30 or so people in a pub in Shoreditch, London, and everyone swapped business cards and chatted about the scene. We’ve had some pretty important individuals from the industry down to Konnekt so far, including folks from Universal, EMI, Ministry of Sound, Cr2, AEI Media, Defected, and so on.

So what are the long-term goals for JustGo? What do you predict will become of it, and what plans do you have to get it there?

That’s a really hard question to answer. Admittedly, we’re still a really young company and we have a lot of ideas that we want to explore. We think that we’ve built a pretty cool platform so far, however there’s still so much more that we can do. We’re just going to continue to listen to our users and the industry, and hope to build an awesome platform that connects all of the dots in the electronic music industry. It’s a huge challenge but with the team and experience that we have, and of course a rampant passion for dance music, we think we’ll succeed!

You can keep up with JustGo’s activities by following them on their Facebook and reading their blog!