Giveaway: Crytek Game

After having talked at length with Crytek's Audio Team, I was given the chance to partner with the company to further spread the word of their awesome work by giving my readers the chance to win any one of their games. So listen up:

To be eligible to enter, you have to be a follower of Speakhertz's Facebook and Twitter pages.

To win, just make a Facebook status update tweet or  with “Speakhertz” tagged in it, whilst saying what you specifically liked about Speakhertz and the interview I did with Crytek.

For Facebook, the tagging can be done by adding the “@” sign in front of the word “Speakhertz” (@Speakhertz), and selecting the page from the drop-down menu. The most interesting and creative status update wins! The winner will be getting any one Crytek game of their choice, and will be selected on the 20th of June.

You can view the entire list of Crytek games on their website, here.

SamGiveaway: Crytek Game