XLN Audio Artist Bundle Giveaway

Hopefully everyone has gotten a chance to read my XLN Audio interview by now, and have gotten up to speed with their newly released Addictive Drums 2. To help mark this release, I'm teaming up with XLN to give away an Artist Bundle for AD2, which allow the winner to choose any 2 Adpaks, 2 Midipaks and 2 Kitpiece packs!

To be eligible to enter, you have to be a follower of Speakhertz’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

For a chance to win, just make a Facebook status update or tweet with “Speakhertz” tagged in it, whilst saying what you specifically liked about Speakhertz and the interview I did with XLN.

For Facebook, the tagging can be done by adding the “@” sign in front of the word “Speakhertz” (@Speakhertz), and selecting the page from the drop-down menu. The most interesting and creative status update wins! The winner will be selected in 2 weeks.

SamXLN Audio Artist Bundle Giveaway

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