Interview: Crytek Audio Directors And Composer – Simon Pressey, Florian Füsslin & Borislav Slavov

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The video game developer known  as Crytek is behind some of the most acclaimed games of the 21st century, namely the Far Cry and the Crysis series. With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, they have been one of the first on the scene with their Xbox One launch title, “Ryse: Son Of Rome”, which boasts some of … Read More

SamInterview: Crytek Audio Directors And Composer – Simon Pressey, Florian Füsslin & Borislav Slavov

Interview: Mixer – Phil Tan

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Phil Tan is one of the leading names in the world of urban and pop music mixing, with his credits pretty much littered all over the place. From 90’s hits like Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”, to modern charters like Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and newly released albums by Kylie Minogue, Lea Michelle, Iggy Azalea and Michael Jackson album, his track … Read More

SamInterview: Mixer – Phil Tan

Interview: Aphex Audio Product Specialist – Jace Nuzback

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After having purchased their USB 500 Rack, I was immediately struck by how little I knew of Aphex, who have been around for quite some time, and boast a significant product line that has found its way into recording facilities all over. So I made my way over to their offices in Burbank, and had a chat with their Product … Read More

SamInterview: Aphex Audio Product Specialist – Jace Nuzback

Interview: Cakewalk CEO – Michael Hoover

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Whilst I’m quite familiar with some of Cakewalk’s synthesizer plugins, I had some catching up to do with their audio workstation, SONAR. From it’s integrated 3rd part plugins to it’s visually appealing interface, there was already quite a lot to attract my attention from a distance. But there was no better way to get acquainted with their products than to … Read More

SamInterview: Cakewalk CEO – Michael Hoover

Interview: Universal Audio CEO – Bill Putnam Jr

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Without a doubt, Universal Audio stands as not only one of the most recognizable brands in pro audio, but also one of the most acclaimed, with both their hardware and software products having ascended to “classic” status in the pro audio community. At the helm of this growth is Bill Putnam Jr, who recently had a chat with me about … Read More

SamInterview: Universal Audio CEO – Bill Putnam Jr