Interview: Mixer/Producer – Tom Gittins

The music that has come out of the UK has played a key role in shaping the course of world culture for centuries, with the 20th century having brought us various forms of rock sub-genres and acts that are fixtures of our times still. But not all important music has to be delivered to us through mainstream channels like radio …

SamInterview: Mixer/Producer – Tom Gittins

Interview: XLN Audio Project Director & Content Manager – Andreas Mood

XLN Audio remains the most interviewed company on Speakhertz, and for good reason. Their flagship product, Addictive Drums, is a huge favorite of mine, and they continue to expand upon it’s appeal with the release of packs like United Pop.

SamInterview: XLN Audio Project Director & Content Manager – Andreas Mood

Interview: Mixer/Producer – Butch Vig

In addition to being a member of his own mulit-platinum band,  Garbage, Butch Vig has brought his production abilities to enough acclaimed albums by the likes of  Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day and Foo Fighters, to be firmly cemented in music history.

SamInterview: Mixer/Producer – Butch Vig