Interview: SubPac/StudioFeed CEO – John Alexiou

The SubPac is a product that quite a number of people within the world of electronic music and hip-hop are buzzing about, and when I came across it myself, it seemed like something from the future. But apparently the future has arrived, as the service this product provides to musicians is one that may become a game-changer for many.

SamInterview: SubPac/StudioFeed CEO – John Alexiou

Giveaway: Crytek Game

After having talked at length with Crytek’s Audio Team, I was given the chance to partner with the company to further spread the word of their awesome work by giving my readers the chance to win any one of their games. So listen up:

SamGiveaway: Crytek Game

Interview: Mixer/Producer – Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis lacks for nothing in terms of a resume within the music industry. From songwriting to mixing, and being an all-around production powerhouse, his credits are littered all across popular urban music acts like Mary J Blidge, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, Common, Jay Z and Beyonce, as well as famous names from other genres, like Fun and Krewella. 

SamInterview: Mixer/Producer – Ken Lewis

Interview: XLN Audio Product Manager – Lars Erlandsson [Addictive Drums 2 Release]

You may have already seen my interview with XLN Audio from last year, where I spoke with their Product Manager about the company’s origins and their popular drum plugin, Addictive Drums. Well, they’ve just recently put out the sequel, titled Addictive Drums 2, so me and Lars Erlandsson once again had a talk about XLN and their new release. 

SamInterview: XLN Audio Product Manager – Lars Erlandsson [Addictive Drums 2 Release]

Interview: Mixer/Producer – Peter Malick

For my latest interview I decided to step into a genre that whilst I occasionally listen to, isn’t my regular cup of tea. I find that roots music has its gems, but as over-compressed pop, rock and EDM gain more real estate in today’s culture, it’s hard to come across names that can capture the attention of the masses. Not …

SamInterview: Mixer/Producer – Peter Malick

Interview: Crytek Audio Directors And Composer – Simon Pressey, Florian Füsslin & Borislav Slavov

The video game developer known  as Crytek is behind some of the most acclaimed games of the 21st century, namely the Far Cry and the Crysis series. With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, they have been one of the first on the scene with their Xbox One launch title, “Ryse: Son Of Rome”, which boasts some of …

SamInterview: Crytek Audio Directors And Composer – Simon Pressey, Florian Füsslin & Borislav Slavov

Interview: Mixer – Phil Tan

Phil Tan is one of the leading names in the world of urban and pop music mixing, with his credits pretty much littered all over the place. From 90’s hits like Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”, to modern charters like Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and newly released albums by Kylie Minogue, Lea Michelle, Iggy Azalea and Michael Jackson album, his track …

SamInterview: Mixer – Phil Tan

Interview: Aphex Audio Product Specialist – Jace Nuzback

After having purchased their USB 500 Rack, I was immediately struck by how little I knew of Aphex, who have been around for quite some time, and boast a significant product line that has found its way into recording facilities all over. So I made my way over to their offices in Burbank, and had a chat with their Product …

SamInterview: Aphex Audio Product Specialist – Jace Nuzback

Interview: Cakewalk CEO – Michael Hoover

Whilst I’m quite familiar with some of Cakewalk’s synthesizer plugins, I had some catching up to do with their audio workstation, SONAR. From it’s integrated 3rd part plugins to it’s visually appealing interface, there was already quite a lot to attract my attention from a distance. But there was no better way to get acquainted with their products than to …

SamInterview: Cakewalk CEO – Michael Hoover

Interview: Universal Audio CEO – Bill Putnam Jr

Without a doubt, Universal Audio stands as not only one of the most recognizable brands in pro audio, but also one of the most acclaimed, with both their hardware and software products having ascended to “classic” status in the pro audio community. At the helm of this growth is Bill Putnam Jr, who recently had a chat with me about …

SamInterview: Universal Audio CEO – Bill Putnam Jr

Interview: Naughty Dog Audio Team

If you were born before the 90s, I’m hoping that you know about Naughty Dog. After all, their Crash Bandicoot game franchise has sold over 40 million combined copies, their Jak & Daxter series has sold over 12 million copies, and their most recent game, The Last Of Us, which topped everyone’s “Best Of 2013″ list, has sold over 6 …

SamInterview: Naughty Dog Audio Team

Interview: Ubisoft Toronto Audio Lead – Richie Nieto

As the third-largest independent game publisher, Ubisoft boasts some major titles and achievements, such as an employee count of 2000+, billions of dollars in revenue and acclaimed titles like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. The latest installment of the latter title, “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” happened to be developed by their Toronto office, and since I’m ever the audio enthusiasts, I …

SamInterview: Ubisoft Toronto Audio Lead – Richie Nieto

Interview: Capcom Vancouver Sound Designer – Jesse Lyon

Capcom has been around for 30+ years, and created some of the most iconic video game franchises in history, from Mega Man, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil to Devil May Cry and Street Fighter. So when I attended the recent Game Developers Conference, they were one of the booths I made a bee-line for, which was being manned by their …

SamInterview: Capcom Vancouver Sound Designer – Jesse Lyon

Interview: Bruce Faulconer (Composer Of Dragon Ball Z Soundtracks)

Dragon Ball is the 2nd best-selling manga of all time (230+ million volumes sold), and the anime is equally as decorated, given that it’s one of the most influential pieces of media that helped advocate the global appeal of Japanese animation. It was also the most popular series on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, …

SamInterview: Bruce Faulconer (Composer Of Dragon Ball Z Soundtracks)

Interview: Artist – Adventure Club

For quite some time, I’ve been eager to hear from Adventure Club about how they make their music, and after much behind-the-scenes work, I’m finally been able to present you with the result of my Q&A with one-half of the rising Canadian electronic duo, Christian Srigley.

SamInterview: Artist – Adventure Club

Interview: PSP Audioware Founders – Mateusz Wozniak And Antoni Ozynski

Whilst the name PSP Audioware might not be immediately familiar, chances are that the producers and mix engineers among you will have heard of the Vintage Warmer plugin, which has become something of a revered piece of digital equipment that is both used and abused in the mix-down process. Based in Poland, much of PSP’s product line boast the same …

SamInterview: PSP Audioware Founders – Mateusz Wozniak And Antoni Ozynski

Interview: Artist – Mr Bill

Mr Bill is a well known Ableton aficionado, and given his extensive series of tutorials about the software, I thought it would be good to have a quick chat about his use of this DAW. The Australian producer is getting ready to release a new album, and much of his musical glitchiness is accomplished within Ableton Live 9.

SamInterview: Artist – Mr Bill

Interview: Artist – Blinders

Blinders is a guy who rose to fame off of his remix for Axwell, which has racked up over half a million plays. So I shot him some questions about how he want about making it, as well as some production questions in general.

SamInterview: Artist – Blinders

Interview – PMC Speakers Product Specialist: Ruairi O’Flaherty

PMC Speakers are in a class of their own. Widely regarded as one of the most high-end speakers on the market, they’ve been gaining serious traction over the last few years, and have ended up in the studios of some major music engineers. I even bought a pair myself! Of particular interest to bedroom producers would be their line of …

SamInterview – PMC Speakers Product Specialist: Ruairi O’Flaherty

Interview: Blizzard Entertainment Audio Team

Whether you’re one of the 90′s babies who grew up playing Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic games, or a current day teen who just bought Diablo III, it’s quite easy to understand why the company will be going down in history as one of the pioneers of modern-day online and PC gaming. 

SamInterview: Blizzard Entertainment Audio Team