Interview: Bitwig Technical Support Manager – Dominik Wilms

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For those of you who make music, the term “Bitwig Studio” may be a name that you vaguely remember from a few years back, when it caused a major stir due to being new audio workstation that would hit the market and possibly change the game with it’s fascinating features. However, as years passed by, many wrote it off as … Read More

SamInterview: Bitwig Technical Support Manager – Dominik Wilms

Interview: Dave Smith Instruments Founder – Dave Smith

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Whilst the average music listener may have no idea who Dave Smith is, or why he’s relevant, anyone in the music-making community should make it a point to read up on the man. For over 40 years, Smith has been contributing to the world of music by not only advocating the sounds of synthesizers, but also by pioneering the technology … Read More

SamInterview: Dave Smith Instruments Founder – Dave Smith

Interview: AIAIAI Co-Founder & Marketing Director – Frederik Jørgensen

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AIAIAI’s name might seem like a mouthful to pronounce but it actually sounds just like it looks. The Danish audio manufacturer came onto our radar last year, thanks to their line of headphones, and I’ve been fans ever since I got a pair. They’ve been able to enlist a variety of DJs, producers, labels and more to help with the … Read More

SamInterview: AIAIAI Co-Founder & Marketing Director – Frederik Jørgensen

Interview: Softube Marketing Manager – Henrik Andersson Vogel

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For most music producers in today’s digital environment, Softube is a name that you will most likely have come across at some point. Whether you’ve purchased their own line of products, or seen their logo plastered across the ones that came with your audio workstation, this Swedish company has made it a point to leave a mark in enough places … Read More

SamInterview: Softube Marketing Manager – Henrik Andersson Vogel

Interview: Trailer Composer – Anthony Baldino

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Anthony Baldino is a sound designer and composer who has provided music for a bevy of famous movie trailers, including some of the biggest blockbusters of recent times, from Star Trek and Zero Dark Thirty, to The Avengers and Prometheus. Also, his work has been featured in everything from video games to Superbowl campaigns. Not bad for someone who doesn’t … Read More

SamInterview: Trailer Composer – Anthony Baldino

Interview: Mick Gordon [Game Composer]

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Mick Gordon is responsible for a brilliant track called “Voices of Dev”, which was made using nothing but the sound of the human voice. After being blown away by his work, I tracked him down and asked for an interview. Fast forward a few months, and here we are, with some interesting content from Mr Gordon himself, concerning his work … Read More

SamInterview: Mick Gordon [Game Composer]

Interview: Artist – Lucky Star

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Lucky Star is one of my favorite up-and-comers. I recently got the chance to ask him about his music production techniques, and took a look at what went into the making of his “Spectrum” remix.

SamInterview: Artist – Lucky Star

Interview: Artist – His Majesty Andre

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After my talk with John Dahlback, I took some time off from my Producer’s Corner to work on interviews and other content. But now I’m back, and taking the reigns for this article’s subject is His Majesty Andre. The Italian producer has always exhibited superb sampling skills, so I figured it would be a good idea to focus on some … Read More

SamInterview: Artist – His Majesty Andre

Interview: iZotope CEO – Mark Ethier

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iZotope’s influence as a plugins manufacturer extends beyond the music-making world, into the lands of audio repair, post-production for film and sound design for soundtracks. Despite its current repute, however, the company had its humble start in the dorm room of some students at MIT. I reached out to one of those students, now the company’s CEO, Mark Ethier, and … Read More

SamInterview: iZotope CEO – Mark Ethier

Interview: Waves Vice President Of Sales & Marketing – Mick Olesh

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In the world of digital mixing, Waves is king. It’s hard to argue that the Israeli manufacturer of music-related software is anything but a pioneer and major advocate of digital music tools. Famous for it’s hundreds of mix plugins, and partnership with the most famous names in the music engineering world, Waves products are used by musicians and producers all … Read More

SamInterview: Waves Vice President Of Sales & Marketing – Mick Olesh

Interview: Sascha Dikiciyan (Sonic Mayhem) [Composer

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Our series of video game-themed interview continues. We recently had a talk with the man responsible for a wealth of game music for some of the famous titles on the planet. Tron, Mortal Kombat, Beowulf, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Borderlands 1 and 2, GI Joe, God of War 2, Splinter Cell, Quake, and Dead Rising 3 are just a few … Read More

SamInterview: Sascha Dikiciyan (Sonic Mayhem) [Composer

Interview: Microsoft Audio Production Director – Mike Caviezel

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As anyone under the age of 30 should know, the new generation of video game consoles are upon us, with the Xbox One arriving shortly. Being not only electronic music enthusiasts, but avid gamers also, I racked my brains for a way to do some coverage on video game-related music content, and after a short while the answer was clear: … Read More

SamInterview: Microsoft Audio Production Director – Mike Caviezel

Interview: Open Labs CEO – Cliff Mountain

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At the recent DellVenue event, the Texas based music product manufacturers, Open Labs, and made their new sequencer available for public use, in partnership with Dell, Music Unites and Intel. Though I attended and found that it defied all expectations, I had prior to that had a chance to talk with Open Labs CEO, Cliff Mountain, about his company and … Read More

SamInterview: Open Labs CEO – Cliff Mountain

Interview: Artist – John Dahlbäck

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John Dalhbäck is the latest to be featured in the Producer’s Corner. The Mutant Records label boss has a track record which speaks for itself, and has one of the most prolific releases habits of any of his peers. Needless to say, I was happy to shoot him questions about the gear he uses, his studio practices, and how he … Read More

SamInterview: Artist – John Dahlbäck

Interview: Blue Microphones CEO – John Maier

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Blue Microphones is to the audio world what Volkswagen is to car buyers: fast-growing, creatively engineered and designed, and starting to be known by everyone in the business. They’ve been a source of some of the most distinctive microphones on the planet for over a decade, and have experienced a boom in success ever since their current CEO, John Maier … Read More

SamInterview: Blue Microphones CEO – John Maier

Interview: Artist – Trifonic

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After having made his way into my interview section, Trifonic makes a natural continuation of his relationship with Speakhertz by talking to me about his music-making and production. As someone who’s brand of electronic music falls outside the mainstream festival favorites, it’s likely that you’ll find a sea of unconventional production advice, which you’ll be able to apply to you … Read More

SamInterview: Artist – Trifonic

Interview: Artist – Walden

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Walden is a teenage producer from Australia who has been making a rise in the world of electronic music, thanks to his melodic house music. I put the 19 year-old on the stands to learn more about his production techniques and breakdown one of his tracks, “Ciaco”. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE Can you tell me what of some of the most useful … Read More

SamInterview: Artist – Walden

Interview: Artist – Andre Sobota/Bungle

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Given his adept mastery of progressive and tech house, Andre Sobota has been able to carve out his own sonic lane, where he reigns free of any other copy-cat producer, as his synth sounds and drum hits remain one of the most distinctive I’ve heard. When he’s not releasing music on multiple labels under his real name, he’s churning out … Read More

SamInterview: Artist – Andre Sobota/Bungle

Interview: Icon Collective Co-Founder – Christopher Wight

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It’s common for aspiring electronic music producers to type in something like “EDM schools” or “music production school” into a search engine, hoping to find some kind of institution that can offer them a chance to spend their otherwise dreaded schooldays learning something that they can use in their future music careers.

SamInterview: Icon Collective Co-Founder – Christopher Wight