Interview: XLN Audio Project Director & Content Manager – Andreas Mood

XLN Audio remains the most interviewed company on Speakhertz, and for good reason. Their flagship product, Addictive Drums, is a huge favorite of mine, and they continue to expand upon it’s appeal with the release of packs like United Pop.

SamInterview: XLN Audio Project Director & Content Manager – Andreas Mood

Interview : Pettinhouse Founder – Andrea Pettinao

Whilst Native Instruments and Scarbee tend to make waves in the world of virtual guitar and bass instruments, it’s worth noting that Pettinhouse has been around for almost 10 years, providing its own version of such products. This Italian company, operated by Andrea Pettinao, has it’s own range of playable guitar libraries that range from acoustic to electric.

SamInterview : Pettinhouse Founder – Andrea Pettinao

Interview: Rob Papen

The producer’s among you will be quite acquainted with the name Rob Papen. Whether you use his products or not, the breadth of his name is far-reaching in the world of music production, with hundreds of artists having spoken highly of his products, from Armin Van Buuren to Skrillex. I decided to approach this software giant, to find out some …

SamInterview: Rob Papen